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Skin Juice

A daily diet for your skin

Brief & Strategy

Lemmy was engaged by Skin Juice, a professional-grade skin care range that has been nourishing skin for over 25 years. Skin Juice was founded in Newcastle and has grown from a handful of cosmetics to a wide portfolio of products, but the original brand was losing its effectiveness in the rapidly growing natural cosmetics market. The packaging was bright and unique, but the branding on it was easily missed due to the small and hard to read word mark.

Since every pack in Skin Juice’s range featured a different colour, finding new shades for new products became problematic and the differences between each cosmetic were hard to spot. 

The Creative

To address these challenges, Lemmy's team started by bringing structure to the colors used in the packaging. They devised a range based on the active ingredients and assigned a pantone color to each group, reducing the number of shades and making it easier to launch new products while ensuring clear differentiation between product types.

Next, Lemmy aimed to enhance brand recognition through the packaging. The team modernized the icon, creating a strengthened word mark to make it a more prominent part of the logo. The pack hierarchy was updated to ensure the logo complemented the product name, avoiding any competition between the two.

Lemmy then updated the botanical pattern on the side of the pack to feature large botanical pieces and drops of juice, creating a distinctive look that showcases Skin Juice's natural ingredients and sets the brand apart from its competitors, who were increasingly using botanical patterns in their packaging.

Finally, to reinforce Skin Juice's unique approach to skin care, Lemmy created a photography style that presents the cosmetics as if they were food. The cosmetics are often served on platters, are surrounded by fruit pieces, and small cosmetic spoons are used to reinforce the brand's proposition of treating skin care like a healthy diet feeds the body.

The new branding is now stronger, more legible, and more distinctive, while the new packaging showcases Skin Juice's unique approach to skin care and sets it apart from its competitors. 

Project Elements

  • Pack hierarchy architecture
  • Brandmark
  • Iconography
  • Packaging
  • Brand guidelines
  • Retouching