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The Woobles

Crochet amigurumi kits

Brief & Direction

Beginner friendly, learn to crochet amigurumi kits. The fun way to learn a more traditional craft with a big reward at the end in the form of a really cute, crocheted animal.

The Wobbles launched in the US in 2018 and after 3 years of building the customer base and selling online, it was time to take the business to the next level and start selling it in physical retail stores. The owners - Justine Tiu and her partner made sure that their business idea had been tested and was working well and that their product and production were sorted. The branding - initially done in-house did a great job to get them where they were but it was time to make the product work in the store environment.

Since the first product in the range - DIY gummies, while very functional, is in its nature colourful and playful, we wanted the brand and packaging to reflect those qualities. 

The previous plain canvas packaging was perfect for online sales but it wouldn’t have the cut-through quality necessary for the product to stand out on the shelf. The logo also needed a brand refresh and it was important to do it before the business grew too much.

Lemmy was tasked with creating something modern and playful in line with The Woobles’ current feel and their bright photography. We needed to ensure that the new design stands out on the very ‘handcrafted-feeling’ shelf. It was extremely important the new packs clearly communicate that this is a DIY project and not a finished product.

The Creative

Crocheting can feel quite intimidating for people who never tried this technique. It was important that the packaging design didn’t reinforce this idea. To attract a wider audience we decided to keep the packs simple and fun, making the finished product and thus the final reward a hero. 

In the land of the typical craft packaging, washed with cardboard and muted tones we wanted to give The Woobles a confident and bright look. The bold, flat colours and hand-drawn illustrations gave the more traditional craft a younger, playful feel that went hand in hand with the youthful crochet subject. The focal point of each pack is the - just-completed - amigurumi with a crochet needle and a ball of yarn still attached. To amplify the craft element and bring the characters to life we created illustrated scenes in line with each of the individual character’s personalities.

Keeping the illustrations flat and simple was imperative to make sure that they don’t overshadow the amigurumis. All of the typography on the pack is there to make sure the nature of the product inside is obvious and we created icons and illustrations to support this further.

The Woobles brandmark has been updated with bold but playfully arranged rounded letters and we chose Acherus family - a friendly, modern font to complement the new logo. Inside the main packaging bag, we branded all of the product elements to elevate the unpacking experience without having to add anything unnecessary or without a purpose. From colourful yarn tape, through stickers, to the playful instructions cards and envelopes, each element has been carefully designed to create a full and fun  Woobling experience.

Project Elements Created

  • Brandmark
  • Packaging (pouch bag)
  • Envelope
  • Cards
  • Stickers
  • Tape

Product Success Story

The product only just launched in stores in the US and Canada - we can’t wait to see how it performs.