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'The good microwave Popcorn'

Brief & Strategy

Lemmy was recently approached by Scarecrow Foods to help them bring its new product, PopBox, to the Australian market. PopBox is a revolutionary "make at home" microwave popcorn that comes in a unique, patented box. The product has already proven successful in Europe, and the challenge for Lemmy was to create a brand and packaging that would stand out in the Australian market, which is dominated by a single player with a strong shelf presence.

The key differentiator of PopBox is its convenient, ready-to-serve box, which results in a fresher taste and crunchier texture, and most importantly, no microplastics in the food. This makes PopBox the healthiest version of an already loved, ‘better for you’ snack.

During research, Lemmy discovered that PopBox's target market, millennial mothers, are always looking for healthy and time-saving ways to feed their families. The natural ingredients and lack of microplastics PopBox offers were the benefits they found most appealing.

To stand out in the market, Lemmy decided to focus the brand and packaging design around the health benefits, superior taste, and hassle-free nature of PopBox. The strapline, "The Good Popcorn," succinctly communicates the better-for-you narrative, and the creative catalyst, "Making Memories," steered us to position PopBox as the perfect guilt-free snack for any occasion.

The Creative

Since the snack category is full of playful packs, we wanted to give PopBox a distinctive look that while approachable and fun, feels a bit more timeless and grown up. The brand identity uses custom lettering to create a friendly yet unique feel, with an icon of a popcorn box with a halo above it shorthand for the "good for you" quality. To make the brand stand out on the shelf, the packaging uses a simple pattern consistent across all variants, with a neutral beige background and sunny yellow stripes to communicate the healthier aspect.

Lemmy used modern, friendly fonts, simple illustrated iconography, and warm, clean, and joyful photography to bring the brand to life. The tone of voice is confident and approachable, reflecting the spirit of PopBox as the guilt-free snack perfect for any occasion.

Project Elements Created

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brandmark
  • Branding
  • Iconography
  • Packaging
  • Shelf ready trays
  • Brand guidelines

Product Success Story

The brand has only just launched in a variety of stores to a very positive feedback from both customers and retailers.